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Get Moving LTD is a unique internet platform, enabling users to open tenders in real time, for moving services.  Get Moving’s service allows users to compile a packing list and receive within minutes, real-time price quotes, until their tender closes 1 hour thereafter. Prior to selecting a bid, users can review ratings of the different bidder, provided by previous customers, and make an educated choice, beyond the bid price. 

Get Moving’s database currently includes over 120 moving companies, who have signed agreements obligating them to uphold the price offered in their bid, adhere to scheduled times and provide quality service. The agreements signed with the moving companies, stipulates means to enforce these obligations. 

The need for Get Moving’s service has long been overdue, with the notorious reputation moving companies have. Stories of movers loading furniture on to their truck, and then renegotiating the price, are far too common. 

The moving market is unorganized and unregulated, with bad service and price quotes varying drastically between one offer and another.
For the first time Get Moving, has created a market place which de-facto is changing and educating the movers, and has created a standard and a benchmark for moving companies and customers to compare and see various offers on common grounds. 

And best of all, the service is offered FREE to customers, while Get Moving does not charge from you nothing. It is totaly free service. The moving service market size in Israel is estimated between 100-120 million nis, in Israel alone.  In addition, Get Moving provides added value services needed when moving, such as storage services, exterminators, plumbers, electricians, as well as other service providers, which provide users a one stop source of service providers, when moving.

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GetMoving is operating nationwide: moving in Tel Aviv, moving in Jerusalem and in all cities in Israel. Our uniqueness is allowing to compare real-time transport prices between all movers companies in one simple process. In Get-Moving you also can find the best price for moving because of the large range of offers. This service is totally free and does not cost you anything- real free service with no commitment

In this site you can also watch customers Recommendations and make clever choose that will assured a safe moving. All of the Recommendations in the website are real and Available for inspection. In GetMoving you can find other complementary services for transportation such as packing services and carpentry services for furniture's and also storage services.

Beware of companies transporting Apartments boulevard network without any supervision accompanied by a certified body. They may charge you exorbitant prices and take advantage of being new immigrants who do not speak the local language. Get-Moving is the only price comparison site conducted with full transparency to help customers find the best moving company and highly recommended. 

We assure you moving with peace of mind without problems in a safe way!  call us now: (Israeli number) 07-3322-3322 
Call us now and be happy to be at your service.

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